I walked through a jungle of blueberry bushes

My footsteps burned holes in the ground

My fear was my leader, I needed to rush

My heartbeat was the only sound


I felt that I would have to leave my world

I feared that I would get lost in pain

Death felt like rain falling into the golden hair

Of a princess but it was all in vain


Marie’s mother:

Mariechen, ich pflanze Holunder und Flieder

Dorthin wo noch gestern dein Kinderleib lag

Mariechen, der Brunnen wird singen uns Lieder

Von Süße und Wahrheit, wenn Licht wird der Tag



I once woke up by the silver moon

In his peculiar shine

My head was crowned with a silver tone and

His silver dress was mine


I knew now that I could be happy forever

Here in the bushes’ unsavory space

The moon dressed my pain, I felt save now like never

And thanked him for all of his grace


The plants became shiny blue pearls in the jungle

The moss was my bed and the spring was my bliss

My feet are still burning but I am now humble

My poor mother though I do miss


I feel that I have left my world

Death feels like rain falling into my hair.


- - -


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